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CO 2 is not as waste but feedstock


It is now possible to produce energy from CO2 and stones!


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The reaction heat of the reaction such as olivine , CO2 and water is so intense that by the final binding of CO2 enough heat is produced for making electricity!


Stage 1) at the powerplant:

C + O 2 produces CO2, thereby releasing approximately 10 GJ(th) per ton C

Stage 2) CO2 energy reactor

 Mg 2 SiO 4 + 4CO 2 + 4H 2O reacts to  2Mg 2  +  + SiO2 + 4HCO-3

with release of approximately 2,7 GJ(th) per ton of CO2


"The lowest energy state of Carbon is a Carbonate"


Innovation Concepts B.V. has developed a reactor for this application.

The patent office (Arnold & Siedsma) has applied for a patent under the number NL 2004851


Minerals which are  part of the silicates group, including Olivine, but also Dunite, Serpentine, Steel Slag, Wollastonite etc. are reacting under optimal conditions with CO2 and H2O.

During this reaction, so much energy is released that the entire process can be driven autogenously. There is even an excess, which is sufficient to increase the CO2-concentration from flue gases (by regeneration of the amines) and to pressurize the concentrated CO2 (40 bar).


For further information about this technology, please e-mail: reactor@innovationconcepts.eu reactor@innovationconcepts.eu



The CO 2 Energy Reactor ® is a trademark of Innovation and Concepts covered Patent NL 2004851.