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CO2 has got a negative sound and is connected to climate change, floods, drought, famine, exhausting of fossil fuels, disposal, risks etc.


Innovation Concepts B.V. takes another approach. How can we beneficial use this unwanted waste? So to use this as a feedstock. This fits in a "cradle to grave" approach.


How can this be achieved? What are the options? Where are the opportunities?


In Nature, CO2 is captured by alkaline minerals. Yearly more then 4 billion ton of CO2 is captured!

This process is carbonization or mineralization and is a part of the long cycle inorganic carbon cycle.


The reaction speed is limited. There are many ways to accelerate this by, mining the minerals, crushing, en spreading.


In nature, this process takes place with the minerals like Olivine, Serpentine and wolastonite  


The slow reaction speed can be accelerated by water, temperature, pressure, contact surface, PH value and some bacteria and moulds



Financial profitable applications for capturing CO2 in a natural environment can be achieved by are project CO2 for Food, soil improvement and products.


At optimally temperature and pressure, an industrial application can be achieved with our CO2 Energy Reactor.

CO2 is used as a feedstock for high value products for industry, infra, construction and agriculture.


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