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Carbonisation Of minerals


Carbonisation is the reaction of alkaline minerals with carbonic acid or CO2.

This is globally the biggest Natural CO2 control mechanism. And this is already proceeding for millions of years!

Annually more than 4 billion ton of CO2 are bound forever.


Conclusion: By the weathering of special minerals, CO2 is definitely bound.

This is called the the inorganic carbon cycle.



Common minerals which bind CO2 are:


-          Olivine

-          Serpentine

-          Wollastonite


But more minerals are having the same principle(although slower then the above mentioned).


Also a few mineral residues are having the same potential:

-          Steelslag

-          Fly-ash

-          Redmud

-          Oil Shale Residue




There is a difference between:

-          Natural Weathering

-          Accelerated Carbonisation


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