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Artifical Minerals from residue’s



Producing materials often produces huge amount of residue.

For example steel slag, fly ash, red mud, oil shale residue e.o.


During the process, the high temperature, in combination with forced cooling and separation of valuable products, the residues are not stable and are having a polluting characteristic.


Re-cycle or re-use is often not possible, the residues are dumped in huge reservoirs.


The residues are often alkaline.


In theory, the product can react with a acid, like CO2.

Due the instability, this is no long term solution.


The circumstances in the CO2 Energy Reactor are totally different, The CO2 capture is much higher and the stability of the end-products is much higher.

Then, the residues can be used for raw material for several applications.


In 2011, in our special autoclaves, tests will be performed. 


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