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Metal Ore


Industrial Metal ore industries is one of the world biggest industrial sectors

Ores are minerals, containing a high value of metals.


Depending of the kind of minerals and metals, pyrolysis is used, or  acid or alkaline solutions are used.


The process with acid or alkaline solutions are usually processed in high temperature and pressure.


A lot of these processes can be performed in a GPV.

The advantage are:


-           continue process        

-           les energy consumption, decrease  till 90 % are common.

-           The use of less Acid or alkaline solutions.

-           Almost al the metals are relieved.

-           the metals contain less pollution.

-           The residue is more stable.

-           Most of the installation is in the ground, only a small installation above in


Innovation Concepts B.V. from Holland has a patent pending due the GPV technique, getting metals from the metal ores.


During the year 2011,  several tests will be profiled


Innovation Concepts will do test with the following ores:


-                Nickel

-                Aluminum

-                Platinum

-                Cadmium

-                Cobalt

-                Zink


Especially at the mining sectors off Nickel and Aluminum, a lot off research has been done.



Contact: info@innovationconcepts.eu




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