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Innovation Concepts B.V. does research at systems and products, which captures CO2 by weathering (either under natural conditions or enhanced). The source can be "virgin" materials (especially mined) or residual materials.


These minerals are “silicates”.

Olivine, Serpentine and Wollastonite are the most commun silicates, but others are also available.


These minerals are belonging to the most common minerals of the world en are beiing mined at almost every continent.



Mineral residue with a comparable composition are also available on big scale.

This are minerals residues from the steel and aluminium industry.

A lot of metal mining residue, like Nickel- and PGE (Platina Group Element) mine tailings, are having a big ammount of CO2 capture capacity. After alle they originate from a silicate origin.


The application of these minerals for their CO2 sequestration capacities is getting more and more attention. We are also combining this with other benefits.



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