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Olivine is one of the most common minerals (within the top 3). Olvine reacts with water en CO2. Thereby is the CO2 permanently bound, this results in a lowering of the CO2 in the atmosphere.


Serpentine is a partially weathered type of olivine (so the reaction with CO2 is already proceeded to some extend). Therefore is the CO2 binding capacity less than Olivine. It also contains a different chrystal structure and other properties.


Innovation Concepts is already for a long time developing products and concepts to bind CO2 with these type of reactions.


This involves products for the construction, infrastructural applications, agricultural and industrial applications.


With the current scientific knowledge are the reaction rates, life times calculated.


The biggest challenge is to increase the natural weathering rate, so this can be used in a industrial process.

Innovation Concepts has developed therefore the CO2 Energy reactor.