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Welcome to our website


Innovation Concepts B.V. is a company that is involved in various fields of sustainable development.

This may involve Products, Processes and Concepts.


Environmental and Social concerns are leading our activities (People and Planet and to extent Profit as is generally defined Sustainability).


From a wide experience and knowledge, in various sectors, new concepts are developed and implemented.

This could include independent activities, as well as activities for others.

A scientific basis and possible cooperation with International Universities is essential.  


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Knowledge building and knowledge transfer are the key words.


Currently most of our time is focused towards the research of GPV applications.

GPV stands for Gravity Pressure Vessel, also known as Vertical Tube Reactor.


A composition of vertical tubes goes into the ground. Due the depth ( 1200 meter), a pump pressure of 10 bar increased till 100 bar!

In combination with a build in heat exchanger, the most effective autoclave system is designed.


Innovation Concepts has more then ten years experience with a full scale GPV Vertech reactor in Apeldoorn ( Netherlands) and several other applications has been designed and patents are pending.



Some off the applications are:


CO2 Carbonisation Reactor ®  : CO2 sequestration by minerals and producing high technical commodities   

download leaflet Mg-Carbonate production



GPV residue stabilization  : Alkaline residues like steel slag, red mud, or oil shale residues react in the reactor with CO2. The CO2 is captured and the residues are significant stabilized.


GPV metal production  :  By the extraction of metals from minerals, Traditional autoclaves are often used. By using special GPV reactors, financial and environment advantages can be reached.


GPV Oil Sands and Oil Shale : By using the patented Innovation Concepts GPV technique, the tree main steps of processing tar sand are combined in one process. The separation of oil and mineral/water, the decrease of viscosity of the oil and the cleaning of the residues like water and the minerals.


Several other applications are in preparation.





The CO2 sequestration by the weathering of minerals, like olivine is also given the proper attention.

This can be organized by soil-improvement  by the use in construction products.


CO2 has got a negative sound and is connected to climate change, floods, drought, famine, exhausting of fossile fuels, disposal, riscs etc.


Innovation Concepts B.V. takes another approach. How can we beneficial use this unwanted waste? So to use this as a feedstock. This fits in a "craddle to grave" approach.


How can this be achieved? What are the options? Where are the oppertunities?


Look for more information at the appropriate section or contact us if you want to recieve more information. 



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