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 CaSiO3 + CO2 => CaCO3 + SiO2

 Calcium Silicate


 input    :  2,6 ton mineral, 1 ton CO2

 Output : 3,6 ton solid residue


 Delta H = -87 kJ/mol (= 2.000 kJ/kg CO2)






Wollastonite does not occur as much as Olivine or serpentine.

In Finland, USA, mid- America en Autralia big ammount occure.


In some inudustrial processes Wollastonite occurs as a by-product.



Wollastonite has technical high-end applications in the construction and industry.


The price of pure Wallostonite is to high for just using this as a CO2 Capture.

Less pure forms and residues are much cheaper and have great possibilities. Especially if valuable end products are made.


The reaction with CO2 is faster then Olivine.


The CO2 capture is effective and takes care of reducing the CO2.

verwijzing olivijn
verwijzing wollastoniet